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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, whilst the responsibility for welfare lies solely with us the individual Celebrant, guidelines have been provided offering a coherent approach to help protect, not only the health and welfare of the bereaved people we serve, but also fellow professionals, our own families and friends, wider society and ourselves. It is our duty to support the NHS and society by helping to flatten the curve of the spread of Covid-19, as well as ensuring we take proportionate measures to protect outselves. As a Celebrant I can only do my best and do right with your support and understanding.


I will ensure I undertake strict hygiene practices, clear communication and guidance to my clients and families and continue to be compassionate and empathetic during these unprecedented times. As we all recognise, the situation we face is dynamic and we must heed the ongoing updates by our Government and appropriate bodies.


A national Tier system is in place from 2nd December so be aware of your restrictions and their impact on dealing with your loss, or celebrating events with others. 15 mourners are allowed at funerals and wedding restrictions depend on where you are.


With the need for social distancing I will be primarily conducting family meetings remotely, by phone, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, email, by whatever remote means is appropriate. Where possible and in keeping with the Government guidelines, I can hold meetings in the garden or appropriate outside space, on the understanding that no-one is in self isolation or recovering from the Coronavirus. The shaking of hands, or hugging others, must not take place and you are encouraged to invite only close family or friends to the ceremony, but attendance numbers have been changing so check how many you are allowed. If the ceremony is a funeral service, then I can support you with the planning of a memorial event to be held after the pandemic. In funeral chapels mourners must sit as advised. All the crematoriums and chapels have reduced the number of seats.  Mourners may need to wait in cars or stand outside chapels as many waiting rooms may be closed. Many Funeral directors are providing limousines and they or crematorium staff may be required to wear face masks and gloves on the day. Curtains in most chapels will be closed, or where agreed can be left open as part of the Committal, final goodbye, and families may not be allowed to touch the coffin, and some chapels do not allow you to place flowers or objects with the coffin in the chapel. Funeral director bearers may be the only ones allowed to transport the coffin into the chapel but some chapels are allowing family bearers but you need to check. There will be no hymn books or song sheets in the chapels. And chapels are not allowing singing.  


Wedding ceremonies are affected across the UK and legal registrations. Please check with Government guidance and local authorities as appropriate.  The wedding ceremony performed by a Celebrant is separate to the legal registration performed through the Register Office and registrar, sometimes referred to by the local authority as a celebrant, which can be confusing, but they are Registrars.



You could have a small number of attendees and where available webcasting for those not attending to observe. A recording may be able to take place of a real time ceremony and a video and audio copy provided as agreed with the funeral director and family. There could be a direct cremation with a memorial ceremony at a future date. 


There is so much for us all to take in at this difficult time. My promise is to do what I can to help and support you during these challenging times. I will endeavour to keep this area updated but call me or email  me if you need to.


Hello, I'm Nuala and I am a Celebrant and I cover Sussex, Kent and London, but happy to discuss if you need support somewhere else.

I provide non-religious or semi-religious Weddings, Funerals and Baby Naming ceremonies, and other services, ie after dinner speaking, hosting events and officiating special celebrations.

In our world today many people are developing their own ideas, values and beliefs about life, religion and philosophy and whilst traditional ceremonies will continue to play an integral part in community life, more people are seeking alternative approaches. I aim to reflect the wishes and desires of those seeking support and it is my privilege to bring to individuals and families an alternative but yet still a respectful and memorable occasion. 


In addition to my work as a Celebrant, I am also a Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy. 


Visit my pages to find out more, or just give me a call.

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