Nuala Geary Celebrant
Nuala GearyCelebrant 

Nuala Geary and Sharon Cottrell are Certified Masters NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and TLT and Hypnosis Practitioners and Master Coaches and together run REACH (Transforming Lives) Ltd.


The aim of REACH is:


  • to support individuals to achieve their desired state through positive behavioural changes, for example, giving up smoking, losing weight, gaining self confidence, and dealing with fears and phobias;
  • to provide life coaching and related support for those looking for new directions and positive change in their life;
  • to work with organisations, such as the education sector, to bring about effective change management, for example, working with teachers and professionals to develop teaching and learning strategies to enhance the student learning experience. ​


Don't just take our word:

"Have just completed a full day NLP breakthrough session with REACH. I have to say that I have been completely blown away by the highest levels of professionalism, expertise and personalised service that I have ever experienced. i feel on top of the world and unstoppable. Thank you Sharon and Nuala". Dr Ron Lawson (Aug 17)



​So whether you are reaching in or reaching out, to find out how REACH can help you contact 07522 241297 or visit 

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